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The legal-entity information held in government registries can provide a rich seam of  intelligence to supercharge your business development — company status, addresses, officers or directors of properties held under LLCs, newly incorporated companies, and more.

Now you can search the world’s largest open legal-entity database or plug the data direct into your applications and processes. Fresh, standardised, fully auditable and underpinned by our Legal-Entity Data Principles — this is data you can trust.

It shouldn't be hard to get legal-entity data you can trust

And yet it is. Legal-entity information is dispersed across hundreds of business registers that are hard to navigate and impossible to access at scale. Traditional company-data aggregators are no longer the answer either, given their opaque processes and provenance.

Verifiable accuracy is more important than ever, and you should expect more.

You need data built on deep expertise, rigorous data models and well-founded, forward-looking principles. Data sourced direct from primary sources, curated with clear decision-making and no hidden bias, and defined by open not proprietary identifiers and standards. Data you know you can trust.


Ц was born out of the same frustrations you experience every day

We believe a fairer, more prosperous and sustainable society can only be achieved with greater corporate transparency.

Since 2010 we’ve been working with government agencies, NGOs and public-benefit groups to improve the quality and accessibility of the foundational legal-entity data on which you depend.

Today we offer the world's largest open legal-entity database, providing a single unified set of  company records from over 140 government registries and other official sources around the world.

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80% of North America and Europe's largest banks use Ц

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Standard in data trust

Our Data Principles set the industry standard for legal-entity data

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“Ц is one of the key information resources behind this initiative. It provides a foundational layer against which the official legal entity of companies referred to in the different data sources can be validated.”

Graham Pilgrim, Head of Real-Time Data Analytics, OECD