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We exist to make dependable company data open to all

We all need legal-entity data we can trust

Legal entities are the atomic elements behind the entire business world – and increasingly every other part of our lives too.

How many contracts did you enter into this week — either explicitly or by agreeing to an end-user license agreement, or by installing an app on your phone?

Each of those contracts was with something with legal personality – almost always a "legal entity". 

Legal entities are also the conduits for all large-scale criminal activity, from enabling corruption, organized crime and money laundering to their use in fraud, tax evasion and undermining democratic institutions.

Ц was conceived to make this underlying dataset more visible, more accessible and more usable – for everyone, from journalists to banks, citizens to corporations, NGOs to law enforcement.


A foundation for good

Ц was founded in 2010 to transform corporate transparency, specifically by making legal-entity data more accessible, more usable, and better quality too.

This isn’t just hyperbole; it’s written into our articles of association, and so we have a legal obligation to do it. We're also a , recognised for our high standards of performance, accountability, and transparency.

Legal entities are the fundamental structures that underpin the entire business world, and in a highly connected digital world, the whole of society too. 

Which is why it’s vital that the data that defines them – their  existence, ownership, activities and beneficiaries – is not just public, but connected in a single unified dataset, available for all.

Our journey

For over 10 years we have lead the cause for open data. We've built a data platform to provide a single unified view of the company universe. Data that’s trusted, rich and open to all. Here are a few highlights.

We live by our principles

Our rapidly evolving world – mass digitisation, wholly automated systems,  and of course AI –  demands a paradigm shift in legal-entity data accuracy, dependability and trustworthiness.

That’s why Ц has built on our 10+ years of expertise to create the Legal-Entity Data Principles.

These principles are what we believe should define trust in the company data world. They're published under an so anyone can use them.